Hello! Thanks for stopping by. 
I’m Lozi, a writer from the Philippines.


I’ve been writing since 2009, and I’ve been earning well from it. I decided to launch this website in 2021, 12 years since I started, to share my journey as a writer. Maybe I can help out aspiring writers on how to be one and how to get paid for doing something they love.

When we talk about writing, we’re going to cover different kinds of content creation. A bulk of my earnings come from writing blogs for businesses. While I also work as a creative writer, working on essays, fiction, and poetry, I think you’d be more interested in how to earn as a content writer. There’s a huge demand for content writers, and many businesses offer competitive rates for well-researched, in-depth, and informative articles.

I may also write about my creative process but expect most of the content on this site to be about the practical side of writing. My hope is to provide as much information as I can to anyone who wants to earn by writing. I’ve been doing this for 12 years and it’s a career that allows me to spend time pursuing other things I’m passionate about like painting.

What’s great about having this career as a writer is that I own my time. I sleep and wake up whenever I want, I take naps in the afternoons, and I never have to experience getting stressed as I’m stuck in traffic since I work in my home office.

There are many benefits to being a content writer. I had a different plan when I was younger. I wanted to be a scientist (I watched a lot of Dexter’s Laboratory). I didn’t think that writing could be my bread and butter. But here I am now. I have a comfortable life and I believe I’ve achieved my idea of success.

It’s time to give back and share what I know so that others like you can also find a way out of the daily grind and the rat race. I hope this website can give you the tools you need to get started and flourish as a writer. 


“The real writer is one who really writes. Work is its own cure. You have to like it better than being loved.” 

For the Young Who Want To by Marge Piercy