Why Choose a Content Writing Career?

It’s been 12 years since I started as a content writer. That was way back in 2009. Now, it’s 2021 and we’re all still affected and fearful of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people lost their jobs and businesses the past two years. Thankfully, my kind of work wasn’t greatly affected by this crisis.

Since I work from home and I work directly with clients, there weren’t any changes to my day-to-day life. I wake up and drink coffee. At about 8 or 9 AM, I go to my home office and start working. My clients are located in various places all over the globe but they don’t require me to work according to their time zones. As long as I meet the requirements for the week or month, it’s good.

Why I Chose to be a Content Writer

My first job was as an online English tutor. Being a content writer came next. It wasn’t really deliberate like saying, “I want to be a writer!” It was simply the job I found first. There was a digital marketing company looking for a content writer and I sent my application.

Through the 12 years since I started content writing, I also took on different jobs like academic research and teaching at university. At 2019, I finally decided to get serious with my content writing career.

I would have pursued Anthropology and earned my Master’s and PhD but I felt I wasn’t ready to commit myself to a good number of years earning those degrees. It’s not that I don’t love my discipline anymore but maybe it was no longer my priority.

There were a few other attempts to go back to university like trying law school in 2020. I wasn’t even able to finish the first semester. I didn’t love it enough to want to stay. I think that ultimately, that’s how I made my decision — I asked myself, “what do I love doing?” It was easy to answer that. It was writing.

Benefits of Being a Content Writer

It wasn’t just the act of writing that I loved. It was the lifestyle that it allowed me to have and enjoy. Right now, I’m writing this on a Sunday. I’m in my home office and I just had a hearty lunch followed by my afternoon coffee. My days are very relaxed and I get to decide how I spend them.

You Own Your Time

Most of the time, I only write one or two articles for my clients. Once I’m done with that, I’m free for the rest of the day. I get to enjoy doing other things like reading or painting. I watch movies when I feel like it. I take naps in the afternoons. I sleep late if I want to without worrying about waking up early the next day. And yes, I wake up without an alarm clock.

You Don’t Need a Degree

When I applied as a content writer, I was 19 years old. I had no prior content writing experience but I was eager to learn. I got the job and that’s how it all started for me. I wasn’t done with college yet but I was hired as a content writer.

For anyone who hasn’t earned a degree yet, you can earn as a content writer even without a college diploma. You can work as a writer while you’re studying as well. As long as you can do the work excellently, there’s no issue about education.

Of course, I would still encourage you to finish your education and earn your degree. If you have the money to pay for the tuition, go for it and enroll. If you can stay in school and work at the same time, go for it. Having a college diploma will allow you to pivot in case you want to explore other options apart from writing.

You Can Earn Well

How much a content writer earns can vary. I started at 250 PHP per article in 2009. Now, my rates are higher because I’ve gained plenty of experience and I’ve learned other skills like SEO, keyword research, working on WordPress, and others.

Here’s what I got to say about earning well as a content writer. Right now, I only write one article a day for one client, Mondays to Fridays. My salary is probably seven times the monthly minimum wage rate in the Philippines. I hope my math is right because I’m bad at math. 🙂

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this so you’ll have an idea of how lucrative this job could be for you. If you can hone your writing skills, find the right clients, and negotiate a good rate, you can get out of the 9-5 grind and start working at home at your own time.

You Learn in the Process

As a content writer, you’ll have the opportunity to write about so many different topics. In the process of researching about them, you will learn so many things, too.

For example, I have a client with a car financing company. I provide the blog articles for their website. Before, I didn’t know how car financing works. Now, I know about Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, Car Leasing, and other car financing terms!

I’ve also written articles for a client whose niche is personal development. It was really cool because I learned a great deal on how to improve good habits, how to exercise regularly, how to journal consistently, and other things that a person can do for personal development. I was not only researching and writing about these topics but I also have the option to practice them.

This kind of work is never boring for me. Each client has his or her own niche. Some are familiar, some are technical, but in all these, I have the privilege of learning something new. And I get paid to learn them.


We all have our own reasons why we want to be writers. It could be to achieve financial freedom, hone your writing skills, connect with other writers, or enjoy spending your time however you want.

I’m really just grateful I get to live this life and that I got out of the rat race early on. As my professor once said, “Even if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat!” 😀

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