What is a Content Writer and What Do They Do?

A content writer is one who provides writing services to individual clients or businesses. As a writer, you could be asked to write content for blogs, email marketing campaigns, web content, or social media posts. Depending on the client’s requirements, you might focus on one type of content, some, or all of them.

For me right now, I write blog articles for my clients. But I’ve had projects before where I wrote web content. This means writing for the website’s About page, Home page, and Service pages. To do that kind of writing, I had to understand the client’s business so I could provide the content they wanted.

Why Do Businesses Hire Content Writers?

There are lots of reasons why someone would hire a content writer. Mostly, the reason is so that entrepreneurs can save time and focus on growing their business. Rather than spending hours doing research and writing all of the content needed for their website, the more practical step is to outsource it.

They’re Experts in the Topic

Some writers are already experts in a particular topic or niche. For example, a writer with a medical background and has written about health and wellness topics can write in-depth articles that readers will find useful and informative.

There are also writers who can handle a wide array of topics and are actually versatile in style and voice. Depending on the client’s requirements, either of these two types of writers can help in providing content for their websites.

They can Free Up Clients’ Time

Entrepreneurs usually handle everything themselves, especially in the early stages of the business. They may even write all of the web content and blogs but realize at some point that it’s impossible to take on every role to build a successful company.

A content writer can handle the time-consuming process of researching and writing so that the business owner can focus on building and nurturing relationships with their clientele. Writing can be challenging at times so having a dedicated writer to take care of these tasks.

It’s a Cost-Effective Investment

Hiring a content writer means money has to go out. Some business owners feel that they’re not ready for that. But what they don’t realize is that they can actually get freelance writers who can work for them as needed. This means there won’t be any pressure of fixed monthly salaries.

It’s an investment to hire a good writer. The writers get to produce the necessary content for the website and business owners can have more time to pay attention to other important things that will move the business forward. Instead of writing, entrepreneurs can focus on promoting and selling their products and services.

So, even if money goes out for payment to content writers, there’s more opportunities for the business owner to grow the business. More money can come in since they can spend their time talking to prospective clients and closing deals.

What Types of Content Do Content Writers Write?

Clients may ask you to write different types of content for their websites or social media accounts. If you don’t have experience in writing content apart from blog articles, you can devote some of your time to learning from online tutorials. Most of them are free! You only have to commit yourself to learning.

Blog Articles

Blog articles are the most common content type that clients ask writers to write. These goal of these articles is to provide information to readers. It’s not so much about selling a product or service but about giving value to the audience.

For example, if I have a carpet cleaning business, my blog would be about how to keep carpets clean, when to get a carpet professionally cleaned, simple tricks to remove stains, and others. The point is to help my readers by providing them with useful information.

As you can imagine, there are so many topics to cover! That’s why businesses need content writers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

This type of content is more focused on promoting a business. Personally, I find this challenging because I always want to strike the balance between convincing the reader to buy the product or service and avoiding being too salesy. No one likes a hard-sell.

It may take some practice to master this balance but there’s nothing that can’t be learned. Whenever I write content for email marketing campaigns, I make sure I follow the clients instructions and pay close attention to what they want. Also, I imagine myself as the reader so that I can avoid being too salesy.

Social Media Posts

Did you know that it’s more difficult to say something in a few words than in a thousand words? That’s how I feel when I write social media posts, especially on Twitter. Imagine being limited to a hundred characters. You really have to distill the idea to what’s most essential.

To write effective social media posts, the writer should be observant on what the audience from different platforms pay attention to. Are they more attracted to photos, infographic, or text? How do you entice them to click on the link and visit the website where you want them to go? That’s the challenge. And you have to do that in a few words.


Content writers can help business owners tremendously. Instead of sitting at a desk and typing the day away, entrepreneurs can meet clients and close deals. Writers can handle maintaining the website’s blog, sending email newsletters, and updating social media posts. Without writers, this would be a lot of work for a business owner!

If you want to be a content writer, it’s important that you listen closely to what your client needs from you. But this doesn’t mean you’ll just be a passive worker. If encouraged, share your ideas and take initiative if you think you can suggest a better way of doing this.

Learn as much as you can about content marketing. There are tons of information on the internet and they’re free. You only have to give yourself time to read them.

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